Tuesday, March 03, 2009

You Light Up My Life

Project 365 - March 3

I love the sun room on the back of the house. It's floor to ceiling windows with southwestern exposure. The afternoon sun comes streaming in, enough to make it comfortable (for a little while, at least) on a sunny day even when it's 20 degrees out like it was this afternoon.

The two winters we've been here, we've retired the Christmas tree to an outside corner of the sun room until Spring, when I will strip the balsam pine of its needles. These will be put to use when I finally get up the nerve to get out my sewing machine and try my hand at making balsam sachets, a traditional Maine gift.

In the meantime, the tree continues to bring delight, with a strong pine scent and twinkling lights which I turn on every night still. By itself it is striking in the darkness. With the lights reflecting off the windows which surround the tree, it is a glorious scene.

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