Monday, March 09, 2009

Happy Purim to You!

Project 365 - March 9

Sunset this evening marked the beginning of the Jewish holiday Purim, which commemorates the deliverance of the Jews from the hand of Haman during the reign of the Persian king, Xerxes. The fasinating story of how God used a young Jewish girl to secure that deliverance is recorded in the Old Testament book of Esther.

During Purim, gifts of food are given to friends and family to help ensure everyone has the means to celebrate, and monetary gifts are given for the poor.

My Bible study group happens to be studying the book of Esther at this time, and we celebrated Purim tonight by bringing food baskets to our meeting to exchange. Lori, the mom of Elijah (the young fellow Jed went to Kung Fu with here), the author of one of my favorite blogs (which you can find here), and my first girl date in Maine (and probably my last, after she reads that! ha) made the basket I received.

I couldn't wait to get home and peek into it. I love the scarf bag - so Lori! - and the treasures inside are enough to make grown women and little boys swoon...homemade chocolate-chocolate chip cookies, candies and a jar of Lori's homemade applesauce. What a treat that will be at the end of a long winter!

Happy Purim to us! :) Thanks, Lori.

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