Sunday, March 08, 2009

How Bizarre

Project 365 - March 7

This thing that happened is so strange, no one who doesn't live in the North would ever conceive of it. I sure wouldn't have before moving here.

I'm taking a stack of boxes out of the garage into my house, a stack so high I can't see over the top of it. It's windy, and the box on top flies off into the driveway, or so I think. I get the rest of the boxes in the house and then go back outside to look for the missing one.

But I can't find it, after looking everywhere. I'm on the porch getting ready to give up and go back in the house, when I spot it...nestled snugly up against the house.

No big deal, right? Wrong. While it is tauntingly close to where I am standing, there is a railing and a huge bush separating us on one side and mounds of snow 4 feet high surrounding it from all other angles (the mountains the plow guys have created at the edges of our driveway).
That's when the absurdity of the situation hits me - I can clearly see the box, but there is no getting to it unless I want to slog through snow up to my chest.

Looks like that box will be out there till Spring.

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