Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Charmed Life

Project 365 - March 19

It makes my day when I open the mailbox and see a package from my artist friend Debbie. If she had a fan club, I would be the president. I love her work!

She was experimenting with different types of glass-like adhesives recently...Judikins Diamond Glaze and DG3 Art Gel, and Inkssentials Glossy and Sepia Accents...and sent me some of the results of her experiments so I could see the differences between the products.

Luckily for me, the results were these cute charms made with bottle caps, Scrabble tiles and beads. She labeled each charm with the product used, and even threw in a bracelet so I could make one with these little beauties if I wanted. Of course I wanted! :) That's what I did yesterday while Jed was off having fun with Elijah.

It was a great day for both of us.

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Azlina Abdul said...

Wow! This bracelet is so beautiful! I'm the type who loves the artistic type of jewelry...just like this one and it's a pleasure to get to see it! How cool that you got it for yourself, lucky you!! :)