Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Bell Tolls for Jed

Project 365 - March 25

I had terrible experiences with dentists when I was growing up. To this day my blood pressure rises as soon as I sit in that comfy chair.

So you can imagine my anxiety when the dentist told me during our check-ups last month that Jed had a tiny cavity. I was relieved to hear it was due to an imperfection in the growth of his enamel and not the result of poor dental hygiene, but still...a filling is a filling, no matter the cause. I decided not to mention anything about this to Jed, for fear of transferring my angst to him.

I was so glad he couldn't see me while he was reclining in the chair, because I know I cringed as soon as the drill started up...and he didn't even have novacaine! But the dentist was true to her word; the whole thing took no longer than 5 minutes. And Jed handled it like it was nothing.

That boy is my hero.

The shades are an interesting addition to the dental experience...the lenses are dark and do a great job of shading your eyes from the bright lights. I am amazed how much they help...I wouldn't have thought they would make much difference, but I'm actually able to relax a little with them on, even in that dreaded chair. Plus it's obvious from the picture they make the patient look uber cool, always a plus. :)

I have to say, though, by far the most amazing part of our visits to Dr Seywerd's office is the dentist herself. She is incredibly gifted in putting patients at ease. I've had three doctors in my lifetime that made me feel better just for having seen them. She's one of them. That is a rare gift indeed.

I never would have believed I'd be saying that about a dentist!

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