Saturday, August 22, 2009

Flowers, Take Two

Project 365 - August 22

Isn't it amazing what a difference lighting makes in a photo??

Compare this one to the one I posted last night...both were taken with the same camera, same camera setting, same flowers.

I like the soft golden tone of last night's photo, but I love the riot of color in this one.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Walking the Walk

Project 365 - August 21

We usually visit Miss Rita on Fridays, but although Jed's fever was better today, he has cold symptoms and we didn't want to expose her to his germs.

I asked her sister if there was anything we could do for them that wouldn't involve contact with Jed, and she said Rita had been craving mango lately and she hadn't been able to find any at their local grocery store.

I have not discovered the secret to picking ripe mango: half the time the ones I think are ripe aren't. So I did the next best thing and bought a jar of sliced mango, guaranteed to be ripe, and a couple of mango smoothies in case the fruit proved too difficult to digest.

While we were passing the floral area, Jed spied a gorgeous bouquet full of bright, vivid colors and we scooped it up to take with us.

When I got to Rita's bedroom I caught sight of a magnificent bouquet on her dresser and commented that it looked like someone had beaten us to the punch. I was surprised to learn the flowers were from her yard and the friend who has been living with her had arranged them so beautifully. I was even more surprised to learn she had planned to give them to me.

What do you say to a friend who is living out her last days on this earth and yet is still thinking of ways she can bless others? I know of no more meaningful, nor sweeter, way to express the love of Jesus Christ.

"Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you." Luke 6:38

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Artwork NFS

Project 365 - August 20

I've run out of pics from my recent downtime, so I'm starting afresh with the daily pictures.

Jed had a fever today so we stayed home. It was cooler and less humid, and I took advantage of these serendipitous circumstances to do some long-overdue cooking.

One of the less-desirable side affects of cooking is the pile of dishes to be washed afterwards. However, I take what could be drudgery and turn it into a personal challenge to see how many pots, pans, baking dishes, bowls, utensils and other sundry kitchen accoutrements I can pile up in my dish rack successfully.

I consider these creations works of art in the mediums of metal, plastic and glass, as well as testaments to the science of physics. :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Maple Beauty

Project 365 - August 16

I found this beautiful leaf laying on the ground in the church parking lot this afternoon.

Looks like Fall to me!

Flooded Engine

Project 365 - August 15

I got a call from Tracy one evening, asking me to come pick him up from work. Said his car was flooded.

He's been having trouble with the car not starting lately, and I figured he had flooded the engine trying to get it started. I was a little puzzled why he would ask me to come get him when he could just wait a little while and try again, but whatever.

I was quite taken aback when I found him in his car, which was indeed flooded...not with gasoline but with water. We had had a real gulleywasher of a storm that afternoon and this was the result. It doesn't look that deep in the picture, but it was above the bottom of the car.

Budding Thespians

Project 365 - August 14

We met Lori and Elijah at the Shakespeare Theatre in Monmouth for an afternoon matinee.

What luxury! And I'm not just talking about the theatre, although it is indeed luxurious.

The performance was The Wind in the Willows; Lori and I have been reading the book to the boys in preparation. I took a lot of time discussing each chapter with Jed because the English was a bit formal and there were many words and concepts which were new to him.

I wondered how much he was comprehending, and I looked forward to the play bringing the story to life for him.

I need not have worried...for days afterward, Jed was obsessed with all the things in the play that were not consistent with the book.

A critic is born. :)

Not Feeling the Love Right Now

Project 365 - August 13

When I took this picture, I had it all planned out, what I was going to write. How much I love Maine, how thrilled I am to be living in a state with a low temp of 48 and a high of 73 in AUGUST.

However, things have changed since I took that picture. It's been hot. Not as hot as the South or the Midwest during a heat wave, but still.

I'm a little proud of myself that I haven't asked for the air conditioner to be installed in the window.

I know the natives of Maine would not agree with this, but in my own mind at least I will consider myself a Mainer if I can sweat out this heat wave without air conditioning.

I would take a Maine winter over heat any day of the week. :)

Baby's Got Back

Project 365 - August 12

I had to laugh when I saw this picture - look at the size of the rear end on that kid standing up!

Then I saw this picture and it all became crystal clear.


Buried Alive

Project 365 - August 11

I took Elijah and Jed to the Toy Library in Lewiston for a treat.

They spent most of their time in the sand box, burying themselves.

Is that a guy thing? Cause I don't remember being interested in doing that when I was a kid.

Maybe I was too busy eating ice cream. :)

The Good Old Days

Project 365 - August 10

I was sitting near an open window when I heard strange music outside.

At first I thought it was someone at the little beach behind the house, but the music sounded too goofy for someone to actually be listening to.

That's when the amazing realization hit me - it was an ice cream truck!!

I was immediately transported back to my childhood, in memory and, most importantly, in action. I did the only reasonable thing to do when one hears the music of an ice cream truck...I started squealing, running through the house for the front door and yelling for money. Not exactly dignified behavior for one of my, ahem, mature years, but who cares? It was an ice cream truck!!

The funny thing is, Jed was not nearly as wowed as I was, both that day and all those summer days I waited for the truck to come down my road with money squeezed in my sweaty little hands. It's sad to see your children living in a different world than the one you grew up in, one in which the treats you longed for as a child are now passe.

I'll tell you another thing that's sad: three bucks for a stupid push-up! And a TIP JAR on an ice cream truck. What is this world coming to??

A Chip Off the Old Block

Project 365 - August 9

Jed and I were playing around one afternoon and I painted a goatee on him with a marker.

Tracy came home soon afterwards and was pretty shocked to see a miniature version of himself running around.

The apple didn't fall far from that tree.

Here's Looking at You, Kid

Project 365 - August 8

Josiah got to hold the magnifying glass for this science lesson, a privilege he earned by being well-behaved during the previous lesson.

Only I forgot to bring something for him to look at with the magnifier, which is an integral part of the reward.

No matter...Josiah seemed content anyways. :)

Not Quite Ready for Merry Maids

Project 365 - August 7

Picking up toys, Jed-style.

Too Cute

Project 365 - August 6

I'm not sure how I ended up with so many cute pictures of Josiah during this particular visit, but he was terribly photogenic that day.

I figured if I shared them here it would give Jed's grandparents a break from the overload of the last post. :)

Josiah got a haircut recently, leaving him curl-less. Here he is reassuring his mama that his hair will grow back, right here in the back. :D

Lori's laptop cover arrived, and Josiah got busy working on the laptop he made out of the packing material.

Grandparent Alert

Project 365 - August 5

If you're not one of Jed's grandparents, you'll want to be skipping this post.

Trust me - I know what I'm talking about.

This is the kind of post that would make most people nauseous.

But it's just right for the grandparents, who actually seem to enjoy such shameless pandering. :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Highlight of the Kayaking Adventure

Project 365 - August 4

It was bound to happen.

I've been wondering for a while which of us was going to be the first to take a spill.

I just hate I missed the whole thing. :)

Jed and I were headed for shore when we heard screaming...okay, hollering...and turned around to find Tracy thrashing about...okay, dog paddling around...his overturned kayak.

He still maintains he has no idea how it happened...the kayak started leaning in one direction so he started leaning in the other to balance it out, only it kept leaning in the aforementioned direction and almost before Tracy knew what was happening, it became apparent there was nothing he could do but bail.

I can't believe I missed the whole thing! :D

The next thing we knew, a speedboat was headed for us, manned by a couple of gentlemen who heard us (probably mostly me) laughing (my, how sound travels across water!), assessed the situation and came out to see if they could offer any assistance.

Tracy humbly and gratefully steered the kayak towards their boat and climbed aboard so he could get back in the kayak from an upright position. It was a good idea but the execution suffered substantially on the first attempt. The second attempt was successful and we headed towards the shore.

One of us was a bit damp and the other was laughing so hard she could hardly see to paddle.

The moral of this story: "Pride
goeth before...a fall." Proverbs 16:18 :D

Bridging the Gap

Project 365 - August 3

Jed's plan was to swim back to shore alongside our kayaks.

It was inevitable that he would start to rethink that decision.

His first revision was to hold on to the back of Tracy's kayak and catch a tow.

It was Tracy's idea for him to hold on to the front of my kayak at the same time and be the human link in our kayak caravan.

Guess how long that lasted? :)

Jed ended the trip back to shore up on the back of my kayak hanging on for dear life. hehe

Pinky Dinky Doo Would Appreciate This

Project 365 - August 2

To my knowledge, Tracy has never claimed to be a high-energy person. However, he brought inertia up to a new standard while we were kayaking this time.

If you look closely at this picture, you'll be able to see a tiny little spider on the right side of Tracy's upper calf.

If you look even closer, you may be able to see the web the spider spun between Tracy's leg and the side of kayak.

Now that's something you don't see every day. :)

A Quick Dip

Project 365 - August 1

Jed tried something new this time - jumping off the kayak and swimming.

Loon Lake

Project 365 - July 31

It was thrilling to be able to get this close to a loon without it diving underwater to escape.

While Jed and I were following this solitary loon, Tracy came upon a large group. It was amazing to watch them form a single line and calmly float away.

The Disappearing Act

Project 365 - July 30

Tracy and I have switched kayaks the last few times we've been out, so Jed can ride with me. I don't mind Jed wanting to paddle nearly as much as Tracy fact, I figure if I can get myself a parasol I'll be all set. :)

One of the benefits of riding with Jed is that I get to see things through the eyes of a 5 year old.

One of the benefits of Jed paddling is being able to photograph the things a 5 year old sees.

These pictures are prime examples....Jed was the one who saw the sunshine reflecting off the water in a dissipating manner. Another couple of strokes and it was gone.