Monday, March 30, 2015

March 21, 2015

We hosted a baby shower luncheon for the daughter of a friend from church today.  The daughter/mom-to-be lives in Charlotte now but there are a lot of people here in Wilmington who love her...we had about 40 ladies.

Her colors are baby pink/mint green/gold, with a beach theme.  This was a challenge to work with because I love saturated colors (and my house is full of them).  However, I am now officially a fan of pink and mint, even if it's not in my house.  :)

This photo is dark but it's the only one that shows the garland in the window...I so wish I had a better picture of it because it was beautiful.  The garland was made of simple strips of fabric tied onto a piece of twine, but the fabric choices were so lovely.

This was my favorite part!  We gave these mason jar drinking glasses as favors, but the chalk names helped the ladies keep track of their drinks while they were here too.  I bought the lids separately - they have a daisy design punched out with a hole in the middle the perfect size for a paper straw.

The gift table before the shower...

...and after the guests arrived, groaning under the weight of so many lovely things.  :)

This was another favorite part - I made this little banner!  Well, a little bit, anyway.  :)  I used Rub 'n Buff on chipboard letters to spell out the baby's name and added a little bit of pink to the ends.  The driftwood garland was a separate garland, but I added it to provide a darker background so the mint garland wouldn't fade into the white cabinets. 

The mom-to-be's mother provided the food and another friend from church made the cupcakes and arranged the flowers.

The guest-of-honor, April...she is just as lovely and sweet as she can be.
It was a wonderful day.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

March 6, 2015

We went on a field trip to the Fort Fisher Aquarium today, for a look at the behind-the-scenes operations.  It wasn't very picturesque (hence no pictures), but it was really interesting to see how much work it takes to keep an aquarium going. 

 We walked around a bit after the field trip, enjoying the fruit of the aquarium staff's labors.