Monday, July 27, 2009

A Budding Writer

Project 365 - July 26

Jed wrote his first sentences all by himself today!

He was drawing a picture for his friend Elijah on the computer this afternoon while Tracy and I watched a freaky movie called Knowing.

When I came in to check on him, he was looking at this card and trying to copy the text into the drawing. He was only on the second or third word and was running out of room, so he erased the writing, printed the picture, and wrote the words onto the paper, which is going to be mailed.


Did You See That?

Project 365 - July 25

Our dear friend Rita gave us this croquet set today.

We told her we'd think of her every time we use it.

I'm not sure why the mallet is moving but the ball isn't. :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

LA's Best Kept Secret

Project 365 - July 22

A word of advice to adults: Don't ever make a promise to a child you don't intend to keep, because they never forget promises.

We have a friend in the hospital in Lewiston, about a half-hour from us. We've been to see him several times in the last two weeks and Jed has behaved admirably during all that visiting.

The last time we went I promised him I would try to find The Toy Library (in Lewiston) and let him play there as a reward.

Naturally, he reminded me of that today as we were on our way again for another visit.

The Toy Library is run by New Life Ministries, which is housed in a large old home right around the corner from the hospital. The play areas include a gymnasium on the first floor and a basement which has been divided into various sections such as sand box, ball pit, puppet theater, fort, tumbling, dress up, etc.

Boy, I wish I had known about this place back in the winter! :)

Note: LA is short for Lewiston/Auburn, twin cities separated by the Androscoggin River but operating as one city for the most part. The receptionist at New Life Ministries was the one who said The Toy Library is LA's best kept secret. I'm hoping to get the word out. :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just Hanging Around

Project 365 - July 21

A picture like this doesn't really need any commentary, does it? :)

Ornithology Lesson for Today

Project 365 - July 20

We ran across these birds while paddling to the lighthouse on Saturday.

The sun was behind a cloud and we couldn't get a good look at their colors, but we think they're loons.

What say ye?

This one, perched on the dock, greeted us on our return to the cove. I know it's a heron, but I don't know what type.

I'll bet a real Mainer would know all this. :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Twilight Time

Project 365 - July 19

Can you stand yet another post of photos from one afternoon of kayaking?

Good. :)

Actually, the kayaking was over for the day when these were taken. There were two children on the beach when we got back there so we stayed a while and let Jed play with them.

It was a pleasant way to end a pleasant afternoon.

Deserted Island

Project 365 - July 18

With time and energy to spare, we struck out for one of the wooded islands on the lake.

I didn't think we'd find a place to dock, but Tracy was determined and Jed was egging him on, and in no time we were out of the kayaks and struggling through the thickest woods I've ever been in.

Tracy and I were thrilled to come upon this little cleared space where we could stand up straight.

Jed was quite disappointed to find out we had no marshmallows with us. :)

However, nothing keeps him down for long. :D

Cheating Again

Project 365 - July 17

We were outside Saturday afternoon playing Frisbee when I noticed how perfectly still it was.

A perfect time to be kayaking.

I took Tracy's point and shoot camera with me and got quite a few surprisingly good shots with it. Since I didn't take any pictures on Friday, I'm taking advantage of that oversight by posting some of Saturday's pictures in Friday's slot.

I'm running roughshod over the entire Project 365 concept, eh? :)

So we set out with the idea of paddling to the lighthouse. It was easy with no wind this time, and we paddled around the little island it sits on, seeing the door on the other side for the first time.

That took so little time and effort (compared to the other times we've made the trip) that we set out for more adventures.

To be continued..... :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Please Don't Call Social Services on Me

Project 365 - July 16

Guess whose sorry (in every sense of the word) mother stopped short with the sunscreen yesterday?

This was taken this morning; thankfully the red started to fade during the day.

But not before a couple of the neighbors saw it and asked Jed if his (sorry) mother had given him the black eyes. :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Going to the Ocean

Project 365 - July 15

Today was another first - the first time we've been to a beach in Maine on a summer day.

That is, if you can call temps in the 60s "summer." :)

We met Lori, her boys, her friend Amanda and Amanda's little brother Ethan in what was nothing less than a miraculous convergence (a good math word thrown in for Lori's enjoyment).

First, traffic was backed up over a mile trying to get into the park, which has limited parking. The first prayer to go up was for a parking space, which was provided with only a handful left.

Second, we couldn't find our friends on the beach, even after asking for divine help, so we picked a spot and set up camp while I tried to figure out what to do and Jed got busy with the sand castle building that was uppermost in his mind. Fifteen minutes later who should walk by but our friends on their way to their stuff which was just on the other side of our next-blanket neighbor.

How's that for sweet reassurance that there is a God in heaven who is personally involved in the lives of His children? Only a loving Heavenly Father would condescend to do something so trivial and yet so kind.

Yea, we are loved with an everlasting love. Jer 31:3

Pictures are of Jed and Ethan playing in the surf.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Good Morning Sunshine

Project 365 - July 13

My Dad and I share quite a few characteristics, the most pleasant of which is our mutual love of all things onion.

Taking center stage is the onion bagel topped with sweet onion garlic jelly.

What a way to jump start your morning!

It probably jump starts everyone else you come in close contact with during the day as well. hehe

Getting Too Big for his Britches

Project 365 - July 12

Amid the nostalgia for Jed's baby and toddler years, one of the benefits of him growing up is his interest in more grown-up games. I'm not a big fan of Candy Land or Chutes and Ladders, so this is a source of great pleasure to me.

Until, that is, the little stinker begins beating me at adult games. Which is exactly what he did today, playing Rummikub. And then he proceeded to beat me at Yahtzee.

I'm busy plotting my revenge.


Project 365 - July 11

This little can of deliciousness arrived in the mail today.

Made all the more delicious because it was FREE!

Thanks to Kitten for alerting to online ads for freebies. I know I've told ya'll before how much I love free. :)

I have delicious plans in mind for this too...I'm going to paint the top and the drawer fronts of Jed's chest of drawers.

If it turns out well, I'll let you see.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Smoke Gets in your Eyes

Project 365 - July 10

Is there anything as mesmer-
izing as a fire?

I don't think so.

If there is, I don't suppose it would come to mind as long as the scent of smoke lingers about me.

Our neighbor Palmer came over tonight to join us for an impromptu wienie and marshmallow roast. She grew up camping in Maine and was delighted with the memories our wienie roast brought back.

I was delighted to hear some of those memories.

I had a couple of interesting experiences with the new camera while trying to capture a nice shot of the fire. The first was this image which appears to be of a ghost:

While taking it, I noticed that the shutter took about 10 seconds to stop whatever it was doing (opening or closing, I'm not sure which). Even a novice like me knows that's an extremely slow shutter speed, and I was wondering what in the world the picture was going to look like. Apparently Palmer crouched down during that 10+ seconds. Anyway, I kind of like the effect.

The other surprise was this picture:

Are those thin red lines sparks in the process of flying? I didn't think the shutter speed was fast enough to capture something that fleeting. Anyway, I kind of like this too.

But then I'm easy to please. :)

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Name that Tune

Project 365 - July 9

If you have to ask what this is a picture of, you haven't been living in Maine the last few weeks!

Maybe my days of being a whiter shade of pale are about to come to an end. :)

The Clock is Ticking

Project 365 - July 8

This is the dry erase board on our refrigerator door.

We've had one since the day we got married.

It has featured an interesting array of messages over the years, but the ones on it today are especially good.

Can you guess what three little words are my favorites?

The first one to leave a comment with the correct answer will win a little prize. :)

This is Getting a Little Ridiculous

Project 365 - July 7

Today was another cold one.

And rainy.

That's all I have to say about that.


Project 365 - July 6

We said good-bye to Grandpa and Grandma today.

That's all I have to say about that.

It's Official: I'm in Love

Project 365 - July 5

Have I mentioned lately how much I love this new camera?

Take this picture for example: taken in low indoor lighting, at dusk, with no flash.

How awesome is that???


Project 365 - July 4

Along with all the rain was a cold front that kept daytime highs in the 50s.

Of the 70+ years that Mom and Dad have been around, it was the first time they've worn sweatshirts and jackets in July.

I love Maine! :)

Fast Eddie's

Project 365 - July 3

It has become a tradition for my parents to visit Fast Eddie's while in Maine.

Jed loves going there so much he can hardly contain his excitement on the way. :)

Fast Eddie's is a 50s style diner that plays the music Mom and Dad were listening to while they were dating.

All three weeks and five days of their dating. :)

The homemade ice cream is a real treat.

But the major attraction for the younger folks is the 50s style playground.

We got to play for the whole 15 minutes or so that it wasn't raining this evening. ;)

One Spoiled Boy

Project 365 - July 2

Of the twelve days Mom and Dad were here, the sun shone a grand total of three days.

Two of those sunny days occurred when Tracy and I were in New Hampshire.

Of the remaining 9 days, only a couple didn't include rain.

That left plenty of time for reading.

Pop Quiz: Guess which grandparent is the bigger cut-up. :)

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Project 365 - July 1

Today's adventure involved renting a pontoon boat and tooling around Cobbossee Lake.

The menfolk tried the fishing, without much success.

This is the only thing that was caught all day - but she's a keeper! hehe

The menfolk-in-training tried the boat driving, which was much more successful.

Lobster, Anyone?

Project 365 - June 30

After the railway village, we made our way down to the harbor. Boothbay Harbor is a very neat little town, with very twisty little roads that make for very interesting driving. Fortunately, we found a parking space near the wharf where we ate dinner overlooking the harbor.

It would have been great if that very dense fog hadn't rolled in. hehe

All Aboard!

Project 365 - June 29

We took a day trip down to Boothbay Harbor, stopping at the Boothbay Railway Village along the way.

What I expected would be a quick train ride and glance around a couple of buildings turned into an all-afternoon treat of history and nostalgia.

There were nearly 30 restored buildings making up a village full of period furnishings, supplies, tools, toys, cars and trains - oh my!

The train ride to the village was sweet. The air was so heavy with moisture it looked like the steam had nowhere to go.

It was fun listening to Mom and Dad reminisce about the good old days.

I suggested to Dad that he might want to think about moving here and taking over this man's job. :)

I wonder what Jed will consider good about his good old days. If he considers that he had any, that is. :)