Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Clock is Ticking

Project 365 - July 8

This is the dry erase board on our refrigerator door.

We've had one since the day we got married.

It has featured an interesting array of messages over the years, but the ones on it today are especially good.

Can you guess what three little words are my favorites?

The first one to leave a comment with the correct answer will win a little prize. :)


Azlina Abdul said...

I'm guessing it would be "I Love You" but at the same time I'm also thinking about "You are right" which is it???

Newton said...

you are right

Monkey Mom said...

"You are right" I love those words too!

Kitten said...

Hey Sandi...
Your favorite words here have to be "I love you" !
Great words, my dear!

Grace to You said...

My three favorite words from Tracy Staley are YOU ARE RIGHT! hehehe Especially since he practically chokes when he says them. lol To have them in writing (and now in my computer memory) is sweet indeed. :D

Congratulations, Azlina - you win! But how am I going to get that new car to you in Malaysia?? ;D

I'll have to see what else I can come up with for a prize.

Azlina Abdul said...

Yaaayyyyyyy!!!! I won! I won! LOL! Thank you Sandi! But I don't want you to trouble yourself too much thinking of what you can get me for the prize...I'm just happy to win this guessing game. It makes my day already. BTW, you are one lucky gal to have Tracy!;)