Friday, July 10, 2009

Smoke Gets in your Eyes

Project 365 - July 10

Is there anything as mesmer-
izing as a fire?

I don't think so.

If there is, I don't suppose it would come to mind as long as the scent of smoke lingers about me.

Our neighbor Palmer came over tonight to join us for an impromptu wienie and marshmallow roast. She grew up camping in Maine and was delighted with the memories our wienie roast brought back.

I was delighted to hear some of those memories.

I had a couple of interesting experiences with the new camera while trying to capture a nice shot of the fire. The first was this image which appears to be of a ghost:

While taking it, I noticed that the shutter took about 10 seconds to stop whatever it was doing (opening or closing, I'm not sure which). Even a novice like me knows that's an extremely slow shutter speed, and I was wondering what in the world the picture was going to look like. Apparently Palmer crouched down during that 10+ seconds. Anyway, I kind of like the effect.

The other surprise was this picture:

Are those thin red lines sparks in the process of flying? I didn't think the shutter speed was fast enough to capture something that fleeting. Anyway, I kind of like this too.

But then I'm easy to please. :)

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Jenny said...

The ghost marshmallow roaster shot is great!