Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Lovely Spring Day

Project 365 - March 22

To celebrate the arrival of spring, we spent our weekend afternoons on the lake behind our house.

Really, ON the lake. It's still frozen solid. But the snow on top of it has melted into something resembling a Slurpee and is great fun to slog through and kick onto unsuspecting people. :)

Yesterday we found a spot that was free of snow, and the ice was smooth enough to do some sliding (and falling). As I was bending over to help Jed up to his feet (again), I noticed a leaf in the hard ice, about 2" below the surface...but the surface over the leaf was gone. I reached in and pulled up the leaf, and what was left was a perfect leaf-shaped ice hole. It was magical, and I was sick when I tried to take a picture of it and discovered the camera battery had just died.

We went back to that spot today with a fully-charged camera, but I couldn't find the hole. However, we found some leaf holes in the slushy snow. They aren't quite as stunning as the ice hole, but pretty cool nonetheless. Here's one of them:

This particular hole is about 1" deep.

This is a photo from yesterday, of the spot where we were sliding. Although the inner portion of the ice doesn't look as glassy as the outer rim, it was still pretty slippery. I caught Jed in this shot on his way down (again). :)

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