Thursday, March 12, 2009

Warm Enough

Project 365 - March 12

It is an interesting phenomenon to watch spring creep in in an area where winter reigns supreme. It is in the 20s today, and windy. But 25 degrees in March feels different than 25 degrees in January.

It's the sun.

There's definitely something different about the sunshine these days. It's stronger, brighter, warmer...warm enough to melt snow on a day when it barely gets above freezing.

Warm enough to make even the heart of one who loves winter skip a little with anticipation.


Newton said...

It reached 34 at our house. I actually took the boys on a walk with the stroller. The wind almost gave us frostbite on the way home, but we had fun.

Grace to You said...

Frostbite beats sitting in the house! :)