Monday, March 30, 2009

Creative Genius

Project 365 - March 30

This is Lynne. Lynne is our ladies' Bible study leader. Lynne is also a creative genius.

The study group finished up the book of Esther last week, and tonight we spent some time in sweet fellowship, eating blueberry cake and making an objet d'art related to Esther's story.

We altered slide mailers into something resembling a compact, seeing as how Esther became queen of Persia through a beauty contest. The problem was, the mirrors were thicker than slides, so the mailers wouldn't close all the way. I found some beautiful stiff ribbon that worked well as a "belt," but it was a struggle to figure out how to cover up the hot glue used to keep the ends together.

I came up with a couple of solutions, neither of which was very was a crown charm, which got kind of lost in the ribbon, and the other was to use the hot glue as a seal, using a carved pencil eraser dipped in copper pigment ink as a substitute for a signet ring. I thought it was a cute idea, but the execution left something to be desired.

That's where Lynne's genius came into play. She used a foldover leaf longways on the ribbon and it was absolutely perfect. Here's my slide mailer, using Lynne's idea.

Here are the ladies, showing off their handiwork.

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Newton said...

hey lady, where's the pic with you in it?