Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Don't Try This at Home

Project 365 - April 21

I have a confession to make. I didn't take a single picture today.

So I went back to last week's shots and pulled some out that I had wanted to share and didn't. These were taken on Tuesday, the day Elijah came over for an egg hunt party.

This year's bunny cake wasn't the best, but I've done worse. :D

In this shot, the bunny's nose is in Elijah's mouth and Jed is moving in for the eyes.

Jed now has both the eyes in his mouth. Elijah, meanwhile, seems intent on the whiskers and smile.

I imagine Elijah to be discussing his strategy with Jed as to how best obtain the last bits of candy from the bunny's face. Poor bunny.

Although unrelated, this cake is my absolute favorite of all time. I made it last year for a girl who loves snowmen. The arms are cinnamon sticks and the scarf is a tie-dyed fruit roll-up. I would be ashamed if you knew how many times I've looked at this picture. The things I make don't usually turn out this cute. :D


Snowbrush said...

Beautiful snowman. I would bet that you are a good mother.

Grace to You said...

Thank you kindly! Even though I'm not sure a cute cake is the best way to judge the quality of one's mothering. :)

I checked out your profile and was amazed to see Fargo as one of your favorites...you're the only other person I know who's even seen that movie! Let's start a cult following. :D

Azlina Abdul said...

What a cute bunny cake! I remember that snowman cake too...really cute! I always admire people who can bake! Cause I can't! heheeh!