Saturday, April 18, 2009

More Free Stuff

Project 365 - April 18

Spring fever hits me hard every year. One of its symptoms is an overwhelming urge to get rid of stuff.

This year it comes on the heels of recent attempts to simplify my life. I've deleted most of my favorite bookmarks. I cancelled my newspaper subscription. I'm getting rid of books.

Books are among the hardest of things for me to part with. I become very attached to the ones I read, and as for the ones I haven't read yet...I have been known to hold on to them for over 20 years, fully expecting to read them someday.

I've been realizing lately, though, that unread books are a burden. I feel guilty every time I see them on my bookshelf. I despair of ever getting to them, and if I did, it seems unlikely that I would enjoy them, as, at this point, they just seem like another thing to mark off my to-do list.

Enter PaperBackSwap.

As the name implies, this site allows people to swap books, hardcover included. There are no fees except the postage you pay to mail your books to other members, which is recompensed when other members mail you books.

The best part is knowing my beloved books are going to people who really want them. That, and getting books on the reading list for Five in a!

Have I mentioned how much I love free?? :D

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