Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fizzy Foamy Science and the Resurrection

Project 365 - April 8

Lori and I have been talking about doing some homeschool lessons together for a while now.

We started today with a science lesson that had something to do with chemical reactions and carbon dioxide bubbles. :) Thankfully it was fun for all of us and the kids didn't seem to notice that I was reading from a booklet as we were doing the experiments.

I'm beginning to understand how much prep work is involved in teaching. Looks like Jed won't be the only one doing some studying.

After science class, Lori used a set of Resurrection Eggs from Family Life Today to talk to the boys about the events leading up to Christ's death, burial and resurrection. Each egg holds a child-sized replica of a part of this precious story. There's nothing quite like holding a crown of thorns in your hands to bring the story to life a little better in a child's mind.

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