Thursday, April 23, 2009

Easter, Part II

Project 365 - April 23

Jed's Grandpa and Grandma have started a new tradition of sending him treats after holidays.

He loves it because it prolongs the fun. They love it because they get to shop when everything is 50% off. :)

Thus it is that Jed received a package in the mail today full of candy with which to restock the dwindling supplies in his Easter basket.

Things got a little strange when he unpacked the clothes hanger. It belonged to a cute set of pjs, only they were hidden in the bottom of the box, under all the candy. Jed couldn't possibly see them through the sugar haze he was already experiencing from the sight of all that chocolate.

I should be embarrassed to admit he didn't give the clothes hanger much thought, but I remember too well what it was like to be a kid. :)

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Anonymous said...

That's my grandchild!!!! Always looking for the instant pleasure and not looking for the long-term joy of "baseball PJ's"!!! Love him anyway always.

Your Grandma