Saturday, February 07, 2009

House Finches

Project 365 - February 7

It warmed up to almost freezing today, and our feeders were quite the hot spot. We've seen mostly chickadees and goldfinches this winter, with the occasional blue jay or cardinal...there haven't been many house finches, so it was nice to have them around for a short while.


Monkey Mom said...

I love watching birds around a bird feeder. I'm thinking I would like to get a birdbath so I can watch them there too. I really enjoy the bird feeder I have. When the squirrels attack the seeds I just let Hobbs out. Then the fun begins!

Grace to You said...

I've got to get a dog!! You wouldn't believe the depths to which I've stooped to chase the squirrels away, one of which broke a window in the house the other day which had to be replaced. It looks like it's time to begin the squirrel relocation project again. argh!