Friday, February 13, 2009

A Call for Help, Part 2

Thank you to everyone who responded to yesterday's post asking for help with a couple of blogger problems. Since that was so successful, I'd like to ask for your help with one more issue.

The name of my blog is not the same as what shows on the url when I'm on my blog. I'd like to change the url, but I can't find that name anywhere when looking at my google account. Is it possible to do this?

The same art freebie applies!


LĂșcio Ferro said...

Hallo once again, indeed it is possible, but don't forget that once you do it your present url will no longer display your blog... If you want to do it, this is how: enter your dashboard and to "settings", there, go to "publishing" and then simply just change the url.

To view an example follow this

See u and have fun :)

Grace to You said...

To Lucio:

Thank you for the directions - they were great. I found where I can change the url, but it was then that I understood what you were saying...anyone who has it bookmarked or linked in some way won't be able to find it, right?

I just started writing in this blog a week or two ago, and to my knowledge there are only four people who even know about if I was going to change it, now would be the time, right?

LĂșcio Ferro said...

Indeed Grace, the sooner you do it (if you wish so) the better. My suggestion would be to leave a final post for a few days saying where you are going to change so that people can keep track. Also, what you can do is make the change and then, using your old url, create a new blog where you would just state something like, «i've changed the blog to so and so address». (I once did that, just to tease my readers (took my blog to another url), used exactly the same layout and title to create a new blog in the previous url (of course there weren’t any posts there) and wrote merely one entry saying the blog «had self-destroyed» lol!

Have a nice week!