Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Call for Help

If anyone reading this knows more about blogger than I do (which would mean just about anyone reading this) (and if you know less than I do, man, do I feel sorry for you), I have a couple of problems I'd love some help with.

First, I can't figure out why some of my posts won't show spaces between the paragraphs, no matter how many times I try to fix them.

Second, I think I have inadvertently created two Google accounts (sounds hard to believe, I know, but if you've read the second post of this blog, you know I created the blog by accident as well, so it's not quite so farfetched). This is a problem because I'm trying to change my e-mail address and it's saying someone already has an account with that address. How do I go about finding the other account and merging the two?

Although it's no great bargain, in addition to my undying gratitude, I would be happy to reciprocate with a little something made especially for the person who can help with either of these problems.


Newton said...

Howdy, here are a couple of suggestions to fix your problems.

1. Go into edit your post, and click on the edit html tag at the top of the editing window. Insert a break wherever you want an enter to be. To do this you simply find where you wanted the enter to be and insert
That should give you a space between two lines.

2. If I were you I would go to blogger and type in my email address that I had apparently used for a different account, and then I would click on the forgot my password link. I think they will send you your password in your email. Then login to blogger and delete the other account.

If you need help to delete the account I can look at how to do that. I hope that these were helpful.

LĂșcio Ferro said...

Hey there. As to the email account i can't help, now, about the paragraphs, when posting, in the post window you have three modes: edit html, write and preview. Simply switch to «edit html» and manually put the paragraphs wherever you wish. Then go back to preview and they should be there. Also, if you’re using windows vista u can post directly to blogger. First open a word document, then press the round Microsoft button on the top left and select «new», this will open a new box where there is the option to create a blog article, press it and follow the instructions. I find this once quite nice since you have much more options to edit your text. However, you cannot upload photos from here so just save your text to blogger as draft (it will ask you to log in) and then go to blogger and upload the photo directly. Hope I’ve been of assistance, greetings from Lisbon, Portugal.

Grace to You said...

To Newton:

Thanks for the help! The html worked great, got all the spaces inserted perfectly. I think I got the account info straightened out as's hard to know for sure, since I wasn't sure exactly what was wrong, but I think maybe I didn't have two accounts, since I was able to change the e-mail address after deleting it first. Anyway, it looks good for now. :)

Grace to You said...

To Lucio:

Greetings from Winthrop, Maine! :)

Thanks for the info...I had already received Newton's comment and was working on her suggestions when I got your were both right about the html.

If you'd be interested in a little bit of handmade art, send me your address and I'll mail you something as a thank you (comments are moderated here; I won't publish your address if you send it).