Friday, February 27, 2009

Beauty and the Beast

Project 365 - February 27

When you live somewhere new, away from family, you learn to enjoy relating with people in lots of different ways. In Missouri, our Parents as Teachers educator was like a surrogate grandmother, excited about Jed's accomplishments and encouraging to me as a mother. He also picked up a couple of special "aunties" along the way.

Here in Maine there are a few people who have filled those roles sweetly. Jedidiah adores the girl who babysits him when I have an appointment (as do I), and there is a woman in our church who hugs him so hard he nearly passes out. :) There are also 3 teenage girls in our church who dote on him, who he affectionately refers to as "those nice girls," and who he plans to marry someday (all of them) (but that's another story).

Numbered among our favorite people these days is our hair stylist. It would be hard not to love this girl...she is cute as a button and so nice. Plus she seems to genuinely like Jed, chatting with him the whole time she's clipping and even laughing at his jokes.

There's no quicker way to melt a mom's heart. :)

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