Thursday, September 05, 2013

September 2, 2013 - Part 2

The next leg of our journey was an interesting one.  My friend Mrs. Smith went camping with Mr. Smith at West Musquash Lake in Waite a few weeks ago and she said it was the prettiest lake she had seen in Maine, with clear water 20 feet down.  It's not far off Rt 1, which we were traveling on our way to Caribou in the northern part of Maine, so we took a little side trip to West Lake, as it's known to the locals.  I know this, because we had to stop and ask the locals for directions.  :)  In our defense, the GPS was worthless at this point and come to find out, the Gazetteer labeled the access road incorrectly. 
With the help of the locals, we literally drove right up to the lake.  :)

The lake is indeed beautiful, as evidenced by these pics taken in sequence from the right side of the cove to the left.

And the water is indeed clear, even though the rain must have stirred it up a bit.  BTW, it's really hard to take pictures while holding an umbrella.  :)

There's nothing quite like Maine back roads for an adventure!

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