Thursday, September 05, 2013

September 2, 2013 - Part 1

You can see in this picture of the Coast Guard Station garage that a clerestory was added on during the renovations, not only to give guests a grand view of the bay, but also to aid them in owning the claim to "first resident on US soil to see the sun rise in the morning."  The owner claims you can see the sun 1/10th of a second earlier from his clerestory than from West Quoddy Head Lighthouse.  :)  That's one of the reasons we wanted to visit Lubec - to make that claim.  Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate with us, as it was cloudy and drizzly this morning, but apparently it's not unusual for fog to obliterate the view anyway.

The spiral staircase leading to the clerestory soothed Jed's feelings a bit, after not being able to go up in any of the lighthouses we had visited.

The view from the clerestory, looking back to the right of station and garage.  It looks like a Christmas tree farm, doesn't it?

This is where we would have seen the sun rise, had it decided to show itself today.  That's the roof of the Coast Guard Station garage and the original Coast Guard Station in the background.

This is the Coast Guard boathouse, which was not included in the sale of the station.  I would have loved to poke around in there.

Jed reluctantly descending the spiral staircase on our way back down to reality.

Saying goodbye to the ocean and the clerestory (seen in the upper right hand corner) and the deck where we enjoyed a beautiful sunset last night.  On with the adventure! 

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