Thursday, September 05, 2013

September 1, 2013 - Part 11

Our last stop on Campobella Island was Mulholland Point to see the lighthouse there.  The lighthouse was decommissioned after the bridge spanning the Quoddy Narrows, connecting Lubec to Campobello, was built in 1962. 
View of Lubec Narrows from the lighthouse grounds.

It was so good to see the sun shining!

Jed is never happier than when he finds binoculars to look through - especially if they're free like these were!  That's Lubec, Maine in the background.

This was Jed's view through the binoculars - the Campobello Bridge.

These steps lead down to a small cove just to the east of the lighthouse.

These old weir posts block off the entrance to the cove.  The posts would have been strung with net, and any fish that came into the cove with the tide would have been trapped when the tide went out.  There are old weir posts scattered all around the island.

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