Thursday, September 05, 2013

August 31, 2013

We embarked on a little road trip today to hit a few spots we've been wanting to see.  The weather was not very cooperative, but I do love cloudy days, even though they don't photograph very well, and they didn't dampen our enthusiasm. 

Our first destination was Deer Island, home of Dan Fogelberg (till he passed away shortly after we moved to Maine in 2007).  Eggemoggin Reach is the body of water you cross from the mainland to Deer Island, part of a chain of islands connected by bridges, and Dan sang about this water in "The Reach."  Jericho Bay lies east of the island chain; Dan sings about that water in "The Minstrel," one of my favorite songs.

Not long after we crossed the Reach to Deer Island, we spotted people standing out on the sand bar pictured above that stretched for probably a hundred yards into a saltwater inlet.

The problem was, the tide was coming in, so while I was taking pictures from the beach, Tracy and Jed were slowly losing their safe way back to shore. 

Jed was really excited to find this intact crab shell enmeshed in seaweed.  We brought the whole thing home with us, though I have no idea at this point what exactly we're going to do with it.

Jed even found this little live crab, which took quite a bit of convincing to warm up to us.

One of the interesting things about this trip was the variation in lighting in the pictures I took...this picture and the one after were taken fairly close together in time, but the water looks so completely different to me.

Regardless, they are two of my favorite shots from the trip.

Quirky art abounded on the island.

We drove to the northeastern-most tip of the island chain to a town called Sunshine so we could get a good view of Jericho Bay, and there we met a very kind man who knew Dan lived on the Reach Road, which runs the length of Deer Island along Eggemoggin Reach.  That happened to be our route off the islands so we followed it back to the mainland, although we saw no evidence of his home.  It was enough to see the places Dan sang about.  By this time the fog was rolling in and the bridge spanning Eggemoggin Reach was enveloped in it.

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