Friday, June 05, 2009

Nostalgia Past and Present

Project 365 - June 5

One of my favorite childhood memories: playing inside the cabinet of a gutted television set.

It was perfect...the cabinet had doors, the glass and knobs were left intact, and my friends and I spent hours pretending to be movie stars, news reporters and weather forecasters.

That kind of imaginative play is what makes the Children's Discovery Museum in Augusta so awesome. Made of different rooms set up as child-size versions of grocery stores, banks, restaurants, theatres, construction sites and campgrounds, it is a vivid reminder of the fun I used to have pretending to do grown-up things.

We made an impromptu visit there this afternoon and, in keeping with my recent decision to have more fun, I joined in the play this time. I was a cashier at the grocery store, a customer at the bank, a ticker-buyer at the theatre, a pirate, camper, railroad engineer, school bus driver, photographer and videographer.

And the very happy mom of a very happy boy.

He really was happy. Honest! :)

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