Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hard Work and Hammocks

Project 365 - June 17

We went to Lori's today for our Wednesday homeschool get-together, minus the schooling. I wasn't prepared to lead any science experiments this morning, but it was the first sunny weather we've had in a long while, so it seemed a good opportunity for some physical education, i.e., free play.

Or so I thought.

It appears Miss Lori had other things on her mind.

Served me right for not being prepared. :)

Lori wanted to move her wooden swing set from the side yard to the backyard. We're both pretty strong (or at least I vaguely remember being so at some point in my life) and she thought we could do it. As for pure brute strength, we could have, but it was too awkward to walk. So out came the wrenches and Lori, Elijah and Jed set to loosening the bolts so we could move the set in two pieces.

I hate to admit what I was doing while those three were sweating it out with the bolts in the new location.

Okay, I'll tell you. I was swinging in the hammock with Josiah and Andrew, singing songs and playing imaginary instruments.

My original intention was to get them away from the swings so they wouldn't get hurt if something fell; I didn't expect to enjoy it so much. But who can help loving it when two little boys cuddle up with you in a hammock?

Not me. I'm not that strong.

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