Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Future of Science

Project 365 - June 3

We had another science lesson with Lori's boys today.

I have really been enjoying the experiments, to the point that I actually started preparing for next week's lesson when we got home this afternoon.

I must admit, I'm a strange one to be teaching science, considering I don't understand much of it myself. However, I figure I'm at least one step ahead of 5 year olds. :)

Today we talked about air pressure, and I had some neat tricks up my sleeve to demonstrate this phenomenon. The one that got the most class participation was trying to blow a 50 cent piece, perched atop a playing card, into a wine glass. It's not as easy as you would think.

Jed tried valiantly to blow just the right way, unsuccessfully, multiple times.

Apparently he thought the Karate Kid's crane stance would improve his chances.

And it did!

It is the coolest thing when this is done blow one short, sharp blast into the gap between the card and the rim of the glass...the increased pressure in the glass lifts the back of the card and the coin slides off into the glass.

If you think that's cool, you should have seen me turn a glass full of water upside down without spilling a drop! I even impressed myself.

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