Monday, June 01, 2009

Preparing for the Theatre

Project 365 - May 30

After we cleaned up from the science experiments Wednesday afternoon, Lori told me about an upcoming production of The Wind in the Willows at the Shakespeare Theatre in Monmouth.

Since completing Little Pilgrim's Progress recently, we've reverted back to the books with bright colors. Enough of that! Tonight we started reading The Wind in the Willows.

Jed seemed interested in the concept of preparing for the play by reading the book beforehand. I'm finding myself explaining a lot of words and using a ton of inflection, but it's working....Jed is actually enjoying the story.

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Newton said...

This reminds me. I ordered my tickets last Friday. We are going on Thursday August 13th. I Hope that that works for you all. Let me know if you want me to order you tickets. The cost is 12 for adults, and 9 for children. The play is at 2PM