Monday, May 08, 2017

May 8, 2017

Jed went to camp today!  
Classical Conversations rented this camp in the mountains in Bailey for a 3 day Mountain Lab School.
Yes, it's school, which is why he gets to do this during the school year.  :)
But I'm pretty sure it'll be more fun than his normal school days.

We saw this herd of deer in the woods on the camp property.
We live in town now so we don't see deer as often as we used to,
and this was a nice surprise.

The name tags were wood circles that the kids wrote their own names on.
I tried to tell Jed the wood circle he chose had a short string, but he wouldn't listen to me.
Even he had to acknowledge my superior wisdom when his neckgear turned into headgear.  :)

On my way out of the camp, after getting Jed settled in his bunkhouse, these two were right at the road.
I love that they looked at each other after watching me take their pictures for a couple of minutes,
like they were discussing what they should do about this new annoyance.  :)

Though it was quiet around the house this afternoon, I had some excitement too...
the hardest hail storm I can remember.
Seems a little early for hail, but it's water, so we'll take it.

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