Sunday, April 30, 2017

April 30, 2017

Jed is finished with his Classical Conversations homeschool class for this school year!
He had exams on Thursday.
CC only lasts 30 weeks, so we still have several weeks of school work to do to meet the state requirements, 
but what we're doing now, besides math and grammar, 
is all the fun stuff we didn't have time for during the year.
We had an end-of-year program with our CC group, which is pretty small...
Jed had just 3 other boys in his class, which is just about perfect.

Mrs. Peterson called each boy up to give him a certificate for completing the year, 
an overview of all the work accomplished during the year in each of six strands,
and a gift.

She also told a little about what it was like having Jed in her class.
None of it was a surprise to me, since I've had him in my class for 8 years.

She was a good sport about it, though.  :)

Then each of the boys read a persuasive essay they had written for their Rhetoric strand.
It's the most nervous I've ever seen Jed - he was fairly hyperventilating - 
but he did a great job in spite of it.
I was pretty impressed.
I remember one time I was speaking in front of a group of about 250 people
and I started hyperventilating so badly I thought I was going to pass out.  :)

The gift Mrs. Peterson gave the boys was so neat!
She picked out a different movie for each boy, something she thought they would be interested in,
and included popcorn and candy.
We have a movie night scheduled for next Friday...
if you call, leave a message.  :)

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