Sunday, April 02, 2017

April 2, 2017

If you don't love quilts, this post is not for you.  :)
Two friends from our church in Boulder, a mom and her daughter, 
drove down after church and lunch this afternoon 
to see the current exhibit at the Golden Quilt Museum.
These are my favorites.
Some of the pics are close-ups of the details. 
Click on any picture to enlarge it.

 I love these tree branches!

 This quilt was my favorite, and the quilter is a local.
I love the detail and the inclusions.


I thought this was crocheted, but it's actually fabric instead of fiber.

Marsha and Becki, my companions for the afternoon,
in front of a 200 year old quilt.
We were wondering about the shape of this quilt - 
does anyone know why it would be cut the way it is?


Debbie said...

Such marvelous know I'm jealous!!!

And...that quilt is cut to hang nicely on the old 4-poster beds. Mystery solved.

Grace to You said...

Oh, that does make sense - thanks!

Debbie said...

Oh...and the little poofs you thought were crocheted are called YoYos...I'll send a few your way so you can see. They're easy to make with a little gadget, but I learned to make them from my Grandma using cut circles of fabric & a needle & thread...took longer & not as uniform as with the YoYo Maker. Great way to use scraps of fabric.

Grace to You said...

Thanks, Debbie - I would love to see one! Have you made a quilt using them?