Friday, March 09, 2012

Project 365/69

I gave up on cookie-baking years ago. Back then I had an extremely temperamental oven that would invariably burn the bottoms of cookies while the tops remained undercooked. This continued with unflagging consistency throughout many experiments with baking temperatures, oven thermometers, baking times and parchment paper, until I decided that I could live very well without homemade cookies and quit trying.

That worked until my husband came along, the man who believes that cookies and milk are a food group unto themselves.

I had better luck with the oven in our first home together, but the results were still inconsistent, and remained so until my mom saved the day by buying a replacement oven that was too small for the cookie sheets she owned. She had no idea the boon that would prove to be to my baking skills!

Thanks, Mom, for passing along your cookie sheets to me. :)

PS - Mrs. Smith, this bodacious cookie was taken out after 12 minutes at 350 degrees!
PSS - Mom, those aren't scratches on that cookie sheet - they're just character lines. :)

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Newton said...

haha! Bodacious! HAHAHA!