Wednesday, July 27, 2016

July 25-27, 2016 - Part 2

This is the girls' side of camp, which also happens to be where all the other buildings are too...their shower and bathrooms to the right, the dining hall in the back right, and the trading post on the left. This is what you might call the town square.

The same buildings, taken from the other end of the street...the dining hall on the left and the trading post on the right, with one of the girls' teepees in the middle.

One of the side streets with the chapel on the right, an old-time photo booth past it, a well house on the left, and the girls' shower house past it.  I loved how everything was tucked into the woods.

The dining hall in all its glory.  :)

The dining hall from the other end.

The outdoor seating area of the dining hall under the canvas roof, the deck off that, and the small pond beyond.

One of the speakers for the camp stayed behind after lunch one day and talked with some of the parents.

The chapel exterior.  This structure has a wood front and back, but the middle is actually a tent.  The original chapel, which was situated at the end of this road in what is now called Avalanche Park, was destroyed in an avalanche 3 years ago.

The chapel interior.  Pretty nice for a tent, isn't it?  :)

A close-up of one of the girls' teepees.  Beyond it is a flat playing field, which is highly prized in the mountains.

This is the little cabin we stayed looks tiny, but it has 3 bunk beds on the ground floor and 3 beds in the loft.

Another view of the boys' shower house and one of their teepees.

The well house.

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