Wednesday, July 27, 2016

July 25-27, 2016 - Part 1

We spent 3 wonderful days at a homeschool family camp in the mountains about 4 hours west of us.  While traveling on I-70 we came to this section of road that has different levels for the westbound and eastbound traffic.  Those two levels, along with the Eagle River, the railroad tracks beside the river, the little canyon and the mountain in the background, made for a scenic spot.  Unfortunately, a speed limit of 75 miles an hour does not make for good photographs of scenic spots.  :)

This was our first glimpse of the camp.  We thought it looked rather small, but this shot is misleading...most of the buildings are scattered about in the woods to the right of these buildings, so they're not visible from the road.

This is the boys' side of the camp during kids' camp weeks...the green-roofed building is their shower and bathrooms, and if you look closely you can see two more teepees to the left of it.  The teepees sleep 8 or 9 boys and a counselor or two.

That little spot of red on the left side of the picture is the teepee that was on the right side of the previous the right of it is the cabin we stayed in, and to the right of that is the old western town that was the backdrop for skits the staff entertained us with.

The front gate entrance welcoming us to camp.

The camp is near the town of Marble, named for a quarry that produced the marble used for the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the pillars of the Lincoln Memorial.  The pillars for the Lincoln Memorial were actually carved in the town before being shipped to Washington, and the shipments for both these memorials went right through the camp property (before it was camp property). 

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