Monday, May 02, 2016

May 2, 2016

Extra, Extra, Read all about it!

A middle-aged woman robbed a home in our neighborhood at 10:30 in the morning last Wednesday.  Because the home was connected to a business, there are great videos of her casually strolling around the corner and walking up the steps to the home, then coming back out not quite 3 minutes later with a backpack and purse strung across her shoulders and other items in her arms.  It is so incredibly brazen that it fascinates me.  The confidence with which she went up the steps and the speed with which she completed her work makes me think she knew something about this place.  Anyway, when Tracy got home from work I showed him the videos and of course we set out to see for ourselves just where this had occurred, and to look for clues.  None were forthcoming, so we took a walk downtown to discuss the case.

These two look mighty suspicious but we couldn't get a word out of either of them.

Not much was going on at the Visitor's Center.

Clear Creek, looking west towards the source of the creek.

A little park on the east side of the bridge.
I love the fish sculptures and the slide that takes you from the upper level to the water level.

Clear Creek, looking east towards the Coors Brewery and a couple of kayakers.

Our little town park.
It's really more of a common area than a park, but it's nice nonetheless.

Jed did get to slay a dragon, so there's that.  :)

This is a cottonwood tree in Parfet Park.
It's huge...I tried to get Jed to stand in front of it for scale but he was too busy slaying the dragon.
There are lots of cottonwood trees around here and they have the most interesting bark.
The next four pictures of close-ups of this one tree.

These are the flowers in our front yard.  
I need to do so much work in this bed, 
but I started on the backyard first since that's the one we see more often.

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