Monday, July 06, 2015

June 15, 2015 - Part 9

After a nap, we headed into town for dinner and a walk around the shops.

The little town of Estes Park.

We splurged on taffy, buying 3 pieces of each flavor they had.  We had so much fun spreading it out on the coffee table later, organizing it into piles, and taking turns picking a flavor, which everyone had to try at the same time.  We took small bites so if we weren't big fans of the flavor we could pass it on to someone else.  I ended up with all the salted caramel ones which suited me just fine.  :)

This fellow, Cowboy Brad, was playing in an outdoor space in town and we had planned to catch his show. He's a John Denver look-alike and he even sounds similar to him and sings his songs. This night, however, he only got to sing three before it started raining and the show closed down. He was playing in the same place the next night though so we were hoping to see that one.

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