Monday, July 06, 2015

June 15, 2015 - Part 8

On our way back to the condo we saw cars pulled off the side of the road and people standing around...I know from our time in Maine what that means - something interesting involving wildlife was going on.  We pulled over and saw a small herd of 7 elk wandering around!  It was so exciting, but even more so when we realized we were in our own backyard - this is the bridge over the creek behind our condo.

It was so neat watching these animals cross the bridge, all seven of them.

After all the elk were over the bridge we hopped in the car and turned into to condos.  I rushed around back and got some great close-ups of this fellow, who had turned to the right off the bridge when all the others had turned to the left.

Apparently he didn't like Jed's close proximity and moved away a bit.

Eventually he joined the others who had turned to the left, which happened to be the backyard right behind our condo.

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