Thursday, August 22, 2013

August 15, 2913 - Part 2

Tracy took the little camera with him to the stream where he and Jed went fishing.  We discovered the stream, at the southeastern-most point of the lake, a couple of weekends before and had a great time exploring the 1-1/2 mile waterway that leads to a man-made dam just shy of Weeks Mills Road.

I love how the water is blue near the mouth of the lake, but as you can see in the following pictures, it mutes into something more greenish as the light changes in the stream, which is rather narrow and surrounded by growth.

My favorite part of this stream was the beaver dam we found, which at one time had stretched across the stream but had been washed away (or torn down) on either side, leaving large piles of sticks on either side of the stream as well as in the middle.  I barely got over it on the way back, and was hoping my activity around the dam, using my paddle to push off, would arouse the beavers but no such luck.  We didn't take a camera with us that day, and Tracy didn't get far enough down the stream during this fishing trip to get a pic of the beaver dam.  I suppose that's another trip we'll have to make.

On the way home at twilight.

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