Sunday, May 17, 2009

Gourd Art

Project 365 - May 16

A letterboxing friend from Missouri gave me a box of gourds before we moved to Maine 2 years ago.
I ran across them recently while cleaning out the garage, and I spent this morning cutting and cleaning them. A couple will be painted, but two of them have such beautiful markings that they will be left natural.

A bonus is that I used my Dremel tool for the first time was a gift from Tracy specifically for this project. I've had it as long as I've had the gourds.

Better late than never, I always say. :)


Kitten said...

Hey Sandi...your gourd bowls are wonderful!!! I have a "thing" for bowls...every time Phil & I go to an art festival we end up with a bowl or 2 as a souvenir of our day. Every time we use them we remember where we were & how much fun the day was. They hold memories as well as food.
Are gourd bowls decorative or can they actually be used? You did a great job on these!

Grace to You said...

Thanks for your kind words!

I've never seen gourd bowls used with food, so I did some research (meaning I googled it). :)

Apparently there is something you can do to make them food safe, but I couldn't find a website that shared that information...and it doesn't appear to be a popular choice of use. I don't think I would try to use them that way, not only because of the concern for the safety of the food but for the bowl as well.

In the picture, all I had done was soak them and wash them. They were still damp, which is why their color looked so rich. We had the heat running today (it's 40 right now!) and they're much lighter in color now that they're dried out. So now I have to add the color back in. :)


Azlina Abdul said...

Hi Sandi! These bowls are perfect for the art stamping projects found in Gloria's book! I was just looking at the book yesterday and saw the gourd bowls similar to the ones you have with you.....can't wait to see how you will decorate them!! ;) Have fun!!