Wednesday, December 28, 2016

December 28, 2016

This was the last full day of our visit and it was one of my favorites.
Jed and I took the two older grandkids to a park in their neighborhood,
which is accessed by a trail in the woods.
It was a beautiful day, and a beautiful walk.
Our first stop was the sandbox.

Puppy seemed content to hang out in the stroller.
Grammy ended up lugging the stroller around the park the rest of the time we were there,
which was not exactly how she envisioned that working out.  :)

Next up was the playground equipment.  
Jed is such a good uncle!
 Note he's lugging around his nephew's football helmet.  :)

After the kids were worn out running around the playground,
we headed over the small pond to do some "fishing"
with a stick and small pieces of shrimp someone had obligingly left for us.

Alas, no fish fell for our tricks this day.

I was pleased they sat still for another photo session.

For a minute, anyway.  :D

The walk back was spent bent over looking for the perfect rock for everyone in the family.
I have two rocks on my desk, one from each of these precious children.

Grammy couldn't carry rocks and the stroller too...but this was hard work for a 3 year old.

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