Thursday, April 09, 2015

April 7, 2015

Jed got his first job today!

The pine trees in our area, the ones that are giving him such a fit with their pollen, are long leaf pines.  They make huge pine cones, which people actually sell on etsy.

We were walking this evening and happened to come upon a neighbor mowing his grass.  There were a ton of these large pine cones on the other side of his yard, where he hadn't mowed yet.  Jed offered to pick them up for him, and somehow or other, he struck a bargain with the man that he would pick them up for the rest of the summer for $10.  He brought home two large trash bags full of pine cones, and this crisp $10 bill (which I actually had to iron to make it crisp :).

This might be the start of a nice little business for him.  Tracy's been wanting to retire and now maybe he can.  :)


Debbie said...

I see a future businessman in Jed...good for him! The entrepreneur spirit is with him. Now...just how big are those pine cones???

Grace to You said...

The pinecones average 7-8". I feel kind of funny about selling something we get for free, but at least Jed is working picking them up. :)