Monday, March 31, 2014

March 22, 2014 - Part 1

We finally got out today and explored our new city a bit.  Wilmington is situated on a peninsula between the Cape Fear River and Masonboro Sound.  The area along the river is full of little shops and restaurants, and it was a pleasant day for walking about.  We parked a block away from the riverfront and walked down a side street, where we passed this gated community.  What really struck us was the brick looked like the outer wall of a fortress.  It was nice to see something much of the south is new.

Our first glimpse of the riverwalk.

This was the outdoor seating area of a restaurant we stopped at for lunch.  I had a crab cake and fried okra - I've really been overdosing on the fried okra since moving back to the south!  It is hard to say which I missed more in the 11 years we were away - fried okra or sweet tea.  :)

It was nice to sit and watch boats pass by.

After lunch we continued our walk down the riverfront.  Jed was wearing a backpack because we tried to do some letterboxing while we were out; we were unsuccessful, but I wasn't nearly as disappointed in that as I usually would be.
The USS North Carolina, decommissioned and permanently berthed in Wilmington.  We're planning to tour it when Jed's cousins come for a visit in May.

It was fun to see people doing summery things like this guy painting.  I expect, though, that he would be trampled by the foot traffic if this was really summer.  :)

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