Monday, March 31, 2014

February 14, 2014

We started losing our power on Tuesday, and lost it for good Wednesday night.  The lady on the right, Miss Louise, lost her power Wednesday afternoon, and since we had power at that time, she came over to our house and spent the night.  We spent a very chilly Thursday morning going through the address directory of our church, while she explained who everyone is and how they are connected.  It was enough to keep our minds off the cold, along with our fleeces and blankets.

Thursday afternoon Miss Louise got a call on her cell phone from her cousin-in-law, Miss Mary, who had never lost power.  When she learned that we were chilly, she invited us to come spend the night with her, which we gratefully accepted.  Tracy decided to make it a boys' night with Jed so they spent the night at a motel at the beach and Miss Louise and I headed over to Miss Mary's. 

I suspect the ladies' pajama party was more fun.  :)

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