Friday, January 24, 2014

January 24, 2014

Jed's had an interesting day already.  Fridays are trash pick-up day, and he had to take the trash bin to the curb in 24 degree weather this morning.  That's balmy compared to our friends in Maine, but it's the first time he's had to wear mittens since we moved to North Carolina.  It's noon now and still just 38 degrees - yahoo!  We miss winter!!

A few minutes ago he lost another tooth - that's the fourth one in the last couple of months!  It had been years since he had lost any teeth, and now he can't seem to stop. 

We had to run some errands yesterday so I got him a haircut while we were out and he walked out with what look like the beginnings of real sideburns.  How did that happen??  I'm not ready for how this boy is growing up.

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