Sunday, July 28, 2013

June 4, 2013 - Part 4

After a late dinner of French hamburgers (yes, apparently there is such a thing - mine was Le Tennessee, made with a Jack Daniels sauce and caramelized onions - woo-hoo!) and a game of chess at our table, we went back to the hotel and wandered around a bit, taking pictures of the lobby.  This is one of the chandeliers.

The main lobby; the revolving doors are to the right, with the concierge desk beyond them; in the foreground on the left is a hallway to a wing with shops, with the front desk further on to the left.

 A bit of art in one of the shop windows.

A letter chute beside the elevator; you drop your letter in and it goes downstairs to the postal department.  Not sure if this is still in use - the hotel dates back to the late 1800s.   We took the elevator to the 18th floor in search of windows to take some outside pictures.

The only window we could find that was operational opened inward and was so small I had to hold the camera outside the window and snap away without looking through the lens viewer.  Most of the pictures were too blurry to keep.  Even the ones I kept are not great, but I'm glad to have them nonetheless.

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