Friday, November 03, 2017

November 3, 2017

Jed and I went out tonight to run a couple of errands.
I used to have the full moons noted on my calendar but I didn't do that this year,
and we were flabbergasted at the moon that greeted us -
not only was it full, it was huge and it was golden - a harvest moon!

These pictures are horrible - cell phone again - and it's a little heartbreaking because the moon was so gorgeous.

Moving the camera to the left to get away from the Staples we were parked in front of 
really darkened the sky.
That's Golden in the foreground and Denver in the background, 
with the southern portion of the South Table Mountain mesa separating the two.

A wide swipe to the left reveals the rest of Golden with the Rockies in the background.
The white light on the mountain slightly to the right of center is the School of Mines "M."

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