Wednesday, September 07, 2016

September 7, 2016

We have a plan.
Tracy and I have not been planners during our marriage.
We talked about that recently and decided to try making some plans that seem reasonable and attainable.
One of those plans is to start exercising together every evening.
His sister and brother-in-law's visit last week made hiking the natural choice for right now.
So this is our third night hiking.
We're going to keep going to the same (steep) North Table Mountain so we can track our (my) progress.
We talked about it tonight (during breaks from the (steep) climb, when I could actually talk)
and made a reasonable and attainable plan to improve on a weekly basis.
I can't tell you how excited I am about that!!

Plus, look what we get to see while we're (I'm) gasping for breath!  :)

This is a less steep stretch...
I would take a picture of the more steep stretches 
but it's impossible to keep the camera steady when you're gasping for breath.  :)

The last two pics were taken on the way home in the car...
they're blurry, but I like this one for the color, so the blurry doesn't matter so much.

This one was taken as we were crossing Clear Creek...
I noticed last night that there's a great view of the "M" on Lookout Mountain from the bridge.
We'll have to walk down there some evening to take a better shot.

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