Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May 16, 2014 - Part 21

A custom house or customs house was a building housing the offices for the government officials who processed the paperwork for the import and export of goods into and out of a country. Customs officials also collected customs duty on imported goods.  The custom house was typically located in a seaport or in a city on a major river with access to the ocean. These cities acted as a port of entry into a country. The government had officials at such locations to collect taxes and regulate commerce.

The City Market, or Centre Market, is a historic market complex downtown. Established in the 1790s, the market stretches for four city blocks from the architecturally-significant Market Hall, which faces Meeting Street, through a continuous series of one-story market sheds, the last of which terminates at East Bay Street. Today, the City Market's vendors sell souvenirs and other items ranging from jewelry to Gullah sweetgrass baskets.

 Tracy bought me a small bouquet of these sweetgrass roses.

 This pelican is made entirely of beads!

 You can probably guess which member of the family wanted to visit these two shops.  :)

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