Monday, December 02, 2013

October 30, 2013

So this is our new home - North Carolina.  Wilmington, to be exact.  On the coast, so that's nice.  If you like the beach, we'll be expecting to see you next summer.  :)

This marsh is a big reason why we chose the house we did...not because we're big fans of marshes, but because it gives us some privacy, which is sorely lacking in Wilmington.

This creek is another leads to Masonboro Sound, which leads to the ocean.  During low tide we can paddle under the bridge near our house to the sound and then the ocean, if we're feeling lucky.  I hurt my elbow during the move, so I won't be paddling till spring probably, but I'm anxious to get out there.

 It certainly is a different landscape that Maine, but pretty in its own way.

Looking back at our new place.

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